Project Goals
The Louisiana Film Channel project’s goals are:
  • To feature the work of Louisiana resident filmmakers.
  • For Louisiana filmmakers to be aired on broadcast television free of charge.
  • To gain sponsorships to support the effort to showcase Louisiana films.
  • Help spread and enhance the film experience both our filmmakers and our audience.

Show Format
We will showcase Louisiana independent films along with filmmaker interviews and offer occasional tips for both film viewers and filmmakers, making the LA Film Channel a well rounded, satisfying experience. Beginning August 5, 2014 The LA Film Channel show will air Saturdays at 7pm on WLFT 30.1 (Cox 117, Eatel 35) in the Baton Rouge area. Shortly after it will be carried by local stations in New Orleans, Shreveport and others across the state.

Film submissions must meet the following criteria:
  • Download the LFC Submission Guide (click here)
  • Filmmakers must be Louisiana residents
  • The majority of production must have taken place in Louisiana
  • Meet broadcast standards
  • Submit a copy for review
  • Submit a broadcast release form (click here)
Send an email to for more information.

Air Dates & Updates
  • We have a target air date of Saturday, August 5, 2017. The show will air weekly on Saturdays at 7:00pm for 10 episodes. A detailed episode guide is coming soon to this page.
  • Below you can join our LA Film Channel mailing list to get news and updates.
  • You can also click here to visit us on Facebook.

The Louisiana Film Channel
Bringing homegrown films
into the homes of our home state.

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